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We're Onta Something Unique

Oneonta opens by closing!

  • Streets will close to traffic every Saturday this summer, starting at 9am and re-opening at 9:30pm
  • Pedestrians are welcome to walk right in to Main Street!
  • Handicapped parking and access to Main Street is available at the top level of the Parking Garage, in the Wall Street Lot, and the Dietz Street Lot
  • Retail Shopping will expand into the sidewalk and street, allowing for outdoor browsing and purchasing
  • Dine in the streets at one of our socially distanced tables
  • Unique theme every week with music and specials
  • Masks and social distancing required, safety stations available with sanitizer and other resources, sponsored by A.O. Fox Hospital and the Bassett Healthcare Network

This Week's Theme:

Meet Me on Main Street | Roaring 20s